About Handy Can

Urgency solved efficiently is more than a slogan at Handy Can, it’s a mantra that guides our commitment to efficiently providing high-quality portable restrooms to customers across Florida.

Our goal is to deliver clean, dependable restrooms wherever they’re needed, so that customers, their clients, and their employees, can take care of business while remaining focused on the task at hand.

That begins with our staff of dedicated scheduling and delivery specialists, and continues with our maintenance and pick-up professionals. Each member of the Handy Can team is trained in sanitation compliance for various industries — including construction and agriculture — and understands professionalism is key, even in the commodities business.

We also understand the value of innovation, which is why we’ve expanded services beyond porta-potties, to include portable sinks, and modern, mobile restroom trailers. Our industry-leading GPS scanning technology and catch trays under porta-potty units further ensure quality and simplify audits for customers who must demonstrate sanitation compliance.

We’ve served Floridians’ short- and long-term sanitation needs for nearly a decade, obsessing over dependability, efficiency and cleanliness, so customers don’t have to.